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an eclectic jack-of-all-trades… and one tough mother ;)

Born in the autumn of 1973, in Seattle, Washington, Jennifer DiMarco wrote her first novel at the age of ten. Articulate and confident, the young author had published more than a half dozen novels, plays, and collections before she was sixteen, and earned first place and other honors from the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and Seattle Bumbershoot for short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

Graduating from alternative public school Summit K-12 in 1991, Jennifer spent the next two years touring the United States with "Escape to the Wind," the first book in her dystopian SF cycle, "The Wind Trilogy." A Seattle Times Bestseller for two consecutive weeks, "Escape to the Wind" was reviewed in more than a hundred periodicals. During this time, Jennifer also spoke openly on radio and television, and gave several public speeches at GLBT rallies about being the daughter of lesbian parents, and a survivor of abduction and rape. Gracious and certain of herself, Jennifer was frequently referred to as a "firecracker" and "Italian dynamite," an image that was somewhat softened by her small stature and easy smile.

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Entrepreneur  |  Author & Gamer  |  Artist & Carpenter | Film Maker

Musician & Builder  |  Mother & Wife  |  Baker & Blender

Jennifer has worked in the book and game publishing industry since 1989 as an author and game designer and since 1994 as a publisher.

Jennifer is known best in the early 2000s as the designer of the patented operating system that runs the Mardi Gras 3000 card game, and as the Chief Executive Officer of several privately held and one nonprofit corporation. In 2011, with Brianne DiMarco, Jennifer launched Blue Forge Productions, an independent film production company that premiered their first series, Ghost Sniffers, Inc., with Jennifer writing and directing. Jennifer began as the show's cinematographer for its first season but moving into Season 2, Brianne took over the camera work so Jennifer could focus on direction.

[Top Photo: Jennifer at Ruby Beach on the Washington coast, 2010.]

[Bottom Photo: Jennifer and her children at home, 2009.]

Jennifer as Ada in the comic

By Any Means